Hurricane Matthew Restoration (Oceanfront Deck)

Submitted by atalaya on Sat, 02/25/2017 - 14:23

Hello everyone,

We have awarded contract for our deck re-build to Waterbridge Contractors of Murrell Inlet. This contractor deals with bulkhead, walk ways over dunes. They are familiar with the scope of work and the permitting issues that can arise. This week we submitted for an Emergency General Permit to re-build our deck. This type of permit if approved would have had our deck built by the summer season.

It was turned down, and now the procedure requested by OCRM is to have a new survey with the deck set in with the survey to see where we fall as far as proximity to active beach. Which means High / Low tide water mark. Also part of the process is public notice to our neighbors to let them know what is going on for 45 days. After permitted the construction will take approximately 10 weeks.

The indoor pool glass can not be addressed until we know what's going on with the deck, because we don't know if we need portion of the pool deck for access with wheel chair outside to go from one deck to the other. I know a lot of you are asking is there not a grandfathering of some sort. The answer is due to the fact that 60% of our deck was not safe for use the entire deck had to be dismantled. This decision was made by the engineer.


We really were hoping for better news, but the reality is the results of this storm were devastating, but the rest of the building is functioning just fine.

Please periodically check this site for up-dates as we go through this process.

Thank you