Post Irma results & related projects

Submitted by atalaya on Tue, 09/19/2017 - 15:35

The findings were four units that required very little attention by FSA. They were 502, 805, 1502, 1602. There were air movers and dehumidifiers at Living room sliders as well as owners closets. Closet were emptied and then put back after two days of equipment usage.

Fence at the outdoor pool that was knocked down is under re-construction, and should be completed by the weekend of September 23rd.

Also our beach re-nourishment is at Atalaya Tuesday September 19th, and should be completed within a couple of days. Guests are able to use access at the building to the South of us, and then on day two they will either be able to use the access to the North or maybe even the access at Atalaya.

Our materials for the oceanfront deck are on hold until the storms out at sea have run their course.