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Submitted by atalaya on Tue, 09/12/2017 - 09:38

We were fortunate to not have Florida type damage, but we did sustain some. The sand that was piled up at the Resort after Matthew is gone leaving the rocks only with no access to the north that we had through out the year. Our temporary steps that were built onto the actual access deck are gone. Contractors have been called, and will be here today to get back what we had to then move forward with the deck re-build. We will also have the deck itself inspected for integrity.

We also lost a portion of the outside pool fence that was not affected by Matthew last year, and we will be repairing it as well. Unfortunately it did fall over onto a car.

Basically we took a pretty good hit for a Tropical Storm, and we will begin post storm inspection of non occupied units as well as property itself at day break. The wind and rain did not subside until approximately 1am today, and the storm surge /wind with high tide was main cause of affect. The only beach access will be the buildings to the North and South as it was after Matthew.

We will inform owners that have any effects that we find storm related. This effort will require any staff we have to be on task today, so there will only be limited time spent in the office.