Beach Re-nourishment Annoucement

Submitted by atalaya on Mon, 07/10/2017 - 18:32

The Army Corp of Engineers announced on the 6th of July that the beach re-nourishment project will begin in a couple of weeks. The schedule is to begin at the Surfside Pier and go North to the Myrtle Beach State Park. Then come back to the Surfside Pier and begin the South leg towards us, and finish at the Georgetown County Line just a couple of blocks south of the Garden City Pier.

It will effect 1,000 feet per day that will be totally shut off to civilian use along with 24 / 7 operation they hope to be completed around the Labor Day date range. Yes this will be an inconvenience for anyone here, but it is now or four years from now states the Army Engineers. There will be a lot of noise of heavy equipment, so prepare your guests if you rent yourself.

The good thing might be that now OCRM might see their way clear to allow us permit for our deck, because one of the biggest concerns to them was that they did not feel comfortable with the distance from the building high and low tide marks were. If all goes well our high tide will look as our low tide looks now.

We will continue to update the project gets nearer.