Resort Information

Submitted by atalaya on Fri, 11/11/2016 - 18:09

Here we will post the info about the resort.

Elevators are up today.

No maintenance this week.

Pool is closed for cleaning.

Hot Tub is down for maintenance.


Several owners have shown their concern with the amount of time it is taking to get the approval for rebuilding the deck.  Unfortunately, we are all very frustrated as to the way the bureaucracy has piled on more and more red tap to get approvals.  We have complied with their requirements every step of the way and they still have us on hold.   If we would have had partial destruction, we would have qualified as only having to repair our old deck.  But, they ruled that our deck was completely destroyed and consequently  falls under a whole new set of criteria.  Unfortunately, our fate is in their hands.  I have the feeling that the more we “bug” them, the more we get delayed.

Trust me when I say that no one wants to get this done more than Joe and the board.   But criticism is not going to get us there any quicker.  Thanks for your  understanding…