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Atalaya Towers 2022 Projects


Dear Owner: Below is a list of projects that will affect everyone at some point for 2022-2023.

1. This Spring ( weather directing ) our main parking lot at the building will be repaired/re-seal/restriped. All vehicles will have to use the parking lot across the street for a day or so. Walkways will be available for access to the building. Notices will be posted in advance with date of project week before project beginning,

2. The East side of the building including balconies, will be sealed starting fourth quarter 2022, and usually through winter of next year 2023. This project will require the removal of items/furniture from balconies.

3. The elevator project has been tentatively scheduled to begin October 1, 2022 and run as long as March 31, 2023. The following will effect all people entering or leaving the building.

  •  Only ONE (1) elevator will be operational for the six month period.
  • The running elevator will be operated or supervised by staff member.
  •  All contractors/owners MUST notify the office in advance of any major work being done in any unit as well as a plan on how the scope of work might effect flow of building, and coordinate the use of the elevator with staff, so as to not interfere with daily usage.
  •  Any deliveries of large items (furniture) must be scheduled through the office. Only North car can accommodate bulk items like sofa's, so those deliveries must be scheduled before or after the north car project is complete.

*******Failure to adhere to these guidelines can cause major inconveniences to people going in and out of the building.*******

There will be plenty of notices and updates as we move closer to these projects. Please check the website often for further information.

These projects are for the good life of Atalaya Towers.

 Thank you

 Atalaya Towers Management and Board of Directors

Holiday Wishes and Updates


We have finished our Proactive Bed Bug process with great success. We had two positive findings that were treated and then proactively processed. We have chosen our new Pest Control Company, and the reason your Board has chosen them is because of their responsiveness, and overall program. With this new contractor his program has every six months to return for a proactive action. The previous contractor did annually, and that concerned us for the effectiveness, and that's why we brought the K-9 inspection in between. We may not need the K-9, but we'll see how 2022 goes.

Just to reiterate that our plans are to remodel our Spa the first week of January. That means that Saturday the 1st of January through the 8th the entire indoor pool area will be closed due to the odor from the gel coat materials. Please let any one you have coming in as your guests if you rent your unit privately. We have sent out notices to rental agencies after the decision was made two months ago.

Waterproofing crews have been here for the past month or so to address some concerns that we noticed. Also, the engineers report pointed out a couple of cracks and de-laminations on front balconies that needed attention. He inspected 10 balconies, and while we were going with Bed Bud Proactive which went through the other 70 we found very minor issues that are being qualified by our contractors. There were superficial areas in the stairwells that we'll be addressing over the winter. The entire east side of the building will begin the fall of 2022.

Once again we find ourselves with an active construction time of year especially with sales being brisk and new owners have contractors here to improve their properties. We beg you to introduce your contractors to the office to review protocols. We have spent a lot of money on waterproofing which includes the corridors, so we need to preserve it when we can. Mother nature is bad enough, so we don't need manmade issue damaging our building.

With Covid and new variants among us as well as winter infection rates on the rise we at Atalaya will continue our protocols by disinfecting contact areas as well as sanitation stations around ground floor areas, and the door to the office being electrically locked. When the sign to knock and we'll buzz you in is hanging we are in the office.

In closing all of the staff of Atalaya Towers and you Board of Director want to wish everyone a Safe, Merry Christmas , and Happier 2022.

Thank you for 2021

Atalaya Towers Management

Bed Bug Proactive Schedule


The Bed Bug Schedule has been put back one week due to the incoming traffic in the building for Thanksgiving week. The contractor will be here to start on half the building on the 27th of November, and finish up on the next Saturday December 4th. As stated in the Annual Meeting we are shooting for 100% participation in order to protect the entire building and maintain warranty. We will be posting the actual starting floors in elevators and lobby area during the week prior. If you refuse the treatment you will be required to sign a disclaimer acknowledging your financial responsibility for any cost involving your unit. 

Thank you for your cooperation

Atalaya Towers Management

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If your not attending the Owners Meeting November 13th, and would like to ask a question please go to The Board will respond at the meeting or in the next Newsletter.

Thank you

Atalaya Towers Management

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Fall Projects

Now that summer is over, and traffic is lower along with the time of year for lower humidity we are projecting the week of October 17th to hopefully finish up the last 6 floor corridors. The last 6 floors are including 6th floor down to 1st floor. We will as usual be notifying rental agencies in order for them to pass on the plan to incoming guests. We discovered that night work enables occupants to pretty much have a normal day just needing to remain in unit from 7pm until next morning. We feel the contractor does not feel rushed, and can concentrate on proper, and acceptable results. we will also post project plans in elevators and ground level. Also, if you notice any issues on your balcony that need to be looked at by contractor please let the office know. Our mission is to stay ahead of issues.

Also, the next project will be our annual proactive bed bug inspection and protection. We normally do this in December, but, this year we are conducting this starting November 20th. The contractor will be coming through with a thorough inspection split into two Saturdays finishing on the 27th. as usual we need 100% participation in order for warranty to be valid.

Also, this time of year brings unit remodeling. As stated in Presidents letter please make sure your contractors check into the office to discuss scope of work. We can then be sure all contractors are aware and understand the need to follow building protocols. This will alleviate any issues/concerns once renovations begin..

Thank you

Atalaya Towers Management


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