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Post Hurricane IAN


Day after Hurricane IAN was very busy as expected. Our restoration team was here first thing in the morning assisting us cleaning up ground floor areas. Then went up into the building to visually and with moisture detectors to inspect each unit. Very fortunately only finding the normal, and minimal water intrusions. There no need to pull back carpeting in any unit. Just installed a few fans and dehumidifiers through the building. 

We sustained structural damage to our deck in a few areas which our contractor looked over. We lost access to the beach due to surge. Our plan is to have at least access to the beach by end of this week. Our removable indoor pool windows were removed and worked as planned, but we didn't expect such a surge that took out some of the older windows including door directly to beach that were not affected by Hurricane Mathew. IAN was worse, and yes our pools and spa were breached. We will have contractors here Monday morning to remove sand and debris from both parking lots as well as bringing a truck to empty pools for cleanup.  We have one elevator up and running as of Saturday evening. The police are not allowing any traffic on North Waccamaw until DOT has all the sand that was from surge removed.

There are an awful lot of moving parts involved in a major cleanup as this, and there will be a lot of contractors here over the next week including getting setup for waterproofing the east side and elevator remodel. That is the reason why we have decided it best to close the building to all except owners for this week. We have been in touch with all rental agencies with closing notices. This could have been a lot worse folks, and your staff, management company and Board are very much involved in cleanup restoration. Stay tuned to this sight for updates, because we're not sitting in the office waiting for your calls.

Thank you for your support and understanding

Hurricane IAN


Good morning everyone,

Atalaya took a heavy hit from Hurricane IAN with extensive water damage on the ground level. We will have restoration teams on site this morning to begin cleanup as well as post storm inspection of units. We will update on this site units with damage, and should have that to report by end of day if not, no later than tomorrow. Please understand we are in strong recovery mode so speaking on the phone will be limited. We are dedicated to getting Atalaya back to business as usual as soon as possible. Here is where we will be communicating with you.

Thank you

Atalaya Towers team and Board of Directors

Update on elevator project


As we draw closer to the starting time of the elevator project we feel that the best thing to do with our electrician was to have him get started on his portion of the project. If we wait until the actual project with one car active only it would be tied up with electricians running wiring in shaft which means the car will be tied up for owners and guests, and that means no elevator. So we have discussed with electricians to begin in September, and that involves them using one of our two running cars at this time to run their cable and drill hole in between our two cars on each corridor from top of building to the lobby. This work is crucial for the heat sensors required by law that will prevent the cars from stopping on a floor with excessive heat registering during a fire. These devices will be installed by our fire alarm contractor.

We're just trying to think of things to help move things along literally when the project begins, and maintain as much normalcy as possible.

Please stay tuned to this website for future updates

We feel that the more information, the smoother the project with little as possible inconveniences.

Thank you for your understanding

Your Board and Management of Atalaya Towers

update Lot Reseal


Just to update all on the main lot re-seal project letting you know all went very well due to planning and executing. We informed all rental agencies two weeks in advance after we decided on a date that we were doing it, and what we would like to have passed on to their guests. Then we reminded the week before that our plan was to have all cars off the main lot by 3pm on Sunday the day prior to the project date, and then we barricaded the main lot at the road so the contractors could get right to work as soon as they arrived the next morning. Everyone was totally accepting the program with parking across the street and using the BBQ area for coming and going. By Tuesday afternoon we were open for vehicles.

Thank you to everyone understanding, and especially the staff for making it happen,

Atalaya Towers Management and Board of Directors

Main Lot Re-seal


As laid out below our 1st major project of the year being the re-sealing of the main parking lot has been scheduled for Monday April 25th. This will involve all vehicles to be parked in the lot across the street Sunday evening April 24th. The access to and from the  building will be from the BBQ area with the gate opened to the alley to the north of our building. This of course is weather permitting. For owners that rent their units through agencies we have sent them email informing of this project, so all who should be informed are. Hopefully if all goes well we could be back on the main lot by Tuesday afternoon. Any vehicle left on the main lot Monday morning will be subject to towing at owners expense. We're just always trying to keep Atalaya Towers looking fresh.

Thank you,

Management and Board of Directors


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