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Projects Update


Now that we are about to complete with Atalaya re-construction from Hurricane Ian our other projects are moving forward. Our waterproofing is about completed on the Eastside of the building. At the time of this update, they are on the six stack, and we appreciate everyone cooperating in the process with balcony furniture. In the meantime, we are reaching out to our Engineer to have him onsite to point out columns to open up for inspection of the supports of Atalaya. This could more than likely extend the noise in the building for a few months as well as have the indoor pool closed for a short time due to columns in that area.

The other project which is our elevator remodel has taken a bit of a step back with the proactive purchase of a new south car of which you have received a letter from the Board by now. For those of you that rent we have sent emails to all agencies to pass on to their potential quests of what they can expect through July. The Board and Management of Atalaya are truly working on how we can ease the inconvenience of one operating elevator through July as far as traffic goes. There is a lot to be done as far as cosmetic items around the building ground floor like stripping concrete and staining deck to improve the overall experience of our owners and guests.

Please bear with us as we handle the situations at hand the best we can to preserve and protect Atalaya Towers for years to come.   

Thank you from Board of Directors and Management.

Hurricane IAN Damage and Flooding

Caught from our security system, over several hours. 

Hurricane IAN Restoration


After yesterday's progress we feel good enough to have a soft opening of Atalaya starting tomorrow the 8th of October. The windows needed to be boarded up until replacement glass arrives. Parking lots are open, and the deck is moving along well enough to open with restricted access from time to time to the beach due to water proofers as well as contractors repairing. When restrictions do occur there is beach access to the north and south of Atalaya via public beach accesses. We do have storage containers in parking lots for our elevator, and water proofing contractors. Still an awful lot of clean-up, and re-construction going on, but you can enter the building and go to your unit with one elevator in operation due to our remodel project, and enjoy the view from your unit balcony. So please pay attention to closed off areas that are taped off. Streets are open for you to travel to and from grocery stores and local attractions, so the days that there are restrictions on moving around Atalaya you can get to those attractions.

We are very fortunate and thankful for our staff and contractors who were able to make this happen so soon after a devastating event such as Hurricane Ian now ranked in the top 10 storms in US history for destruction, and deaths. We keep a prayerful thought for those impacted worse than us in Florida, and keep in mind it could have easily been us.

Thank you for your support and understanding,

Atalaya Towers Staff, Management, and Board of Directors

Hurricane Ian Update


Yesterday was an accomplished day in moving forward with the plan. We completed the install of our indoor pool and spa heaters. Then filled the spa and tested jets. We brushed the parking lot two more times to ensure we got anything that might have been embedded in the asphalt. Our deck is moving along with re-leveling it after surge pushed it up. The main structure of the deck held well since re-build from Mathew, and our boulders protected the deck as well. The ramp may not be completed until end of week or next week, and our grilling area is off limits due to losing all the ground washed by surge.  We will address after the main areas are back to normal use. Also, our outdoor pool still needs to be pressure washer, inspected, acid washed and filled. That may not be open until next week. There still is an awful lot of clean-ups before we are full again, but if we can get it to a safe place to be we can open earlier than having fully completed. Today will be a good indication. For instance, we need to board up where glass has been broken through in the indoor pool area. Our goal is to safely open and not before.

We are still moving forward with our elevator remodel as well as waterproofing. So, with that we will be having two storage containers being delivered on site this week. Our water proofers storage will be in the parking lot across the street, and our elevator team will be dropping container right at the flagpole area. We will adjust the handicap parking accordingly. Like mentioned earlier we have a lot of moving parts with restoration and other projects, so for the next six months Atalaya Towers is going to be active with contractors, as well as owners and guests, and we must be safely prepared for all.

We appreciate your support and understanding,

Staff, Management, and Board of Directors

Hurricane IAN Cleanup


Yesterday was a very productive day with our parking lot across the street getting cleaned, and our pools having sea water extracted from them as well as removable windows have been re-installed. Also all dehumidifiers and fans have been removed from units due to normal levels. All of our contractors that got us back up and running from Hurricane Mathew are involved with Hurricane IAN restoration. Our deck is being worked on as well, and will continue until it is completed.

Todays plan is to inspect pools for any damage now that the sea mud has been removed, and if no problems are detected we will begin acid washing the pools for re-fill in the next couple of days. Our pool and spa heaters were damaged by the surge and debris that needs to be cleaned up and unfortunately will have to be replaced. The main parking lot will be cleaned as well today. We anticipate that we should be able to to make a determination by weeks end for the status of operation if everything remains moving forward at the success rate it is.

Thank you for your support,

Atalaya Staff, Management, and Board


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