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Westside Waterproofing

With pollen and humidity down we are planning to enter the final phase of our west side waterproofing involving our corridors. Temperatures being just right we will begin Monday with pressure washing, and then starting on the top floors we will attempt two corridors per night. We will be informing all rental agencies as well as email blasts to all owners. Our intent is to begin the applying of product at 9pm every evening, so we are going to need all occupants of the building to be in their units by that time and stay inside for the whole evening. The contractors have said they will stay until product is good for traffic. Unless it is an emergency that requires EMS we have to insist on no traffic on corridors. This is difficult, but if we can do this for one night per floor we can finish with a clean look of Atalaya for which it deserves. One night for years of good looking corridors that is all we ask. Of course we will be posting the schedule daily for those in-house, and this is as usual weather permitting. 


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