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Door Painting

With the door painting portion of the project being delayed on account of wet and cold weather in January we are seeing that now is a good time to proceed. Starting Friday the 19th at 9am our contractors will begin on the 17th floor with finishing up whatever grinding is needed to then be treated and painted along with the doors. Being that it is not possible to keep doors open in vacant units for drying we will be painting doors closed. Therefore, whenever you are her you will need to get the paint from maintenance to finish doors trim as you see it when you open door.

After the doors are completed, and we have not began to get to busy with occupancy we will begin the re-coating of the corridor floors. What we can't get to we will pick back up in early fall. This side of the building is the most challenging due to the traffic factor.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Atalaya Towers Management

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