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Waterproofing update

We have completed the 2-3 stack, or above the awning portion of the building, and moved the swing stage to the center stack or elevator shaft. They will be there weather permitting until the end of the week. They will be treating the metal roof, as well as any areas requiring repair. The metal roof will get sealant as well as two finishing coats of Coral Clay color. Same parking protocols will be in place. The building is getting a real clean look to it. The ceilings on every floor has been repaired and painted. When it's to windy for the swing stage the crews work on painting the corridor walls which is the same color of the building. Next move will be the 5-6 stack to do the same as the 2-3 or over the awning.

  Thank you for your continued understanding, and cooperation,

 Atalaya Management

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