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Water Proofing Project

The Westside face of Atalaya has a fresh new look along with being protected from the elements. The swing stage has been dismantled and removed from the property opening back up the parking lot 100%. The contractors have started from the top working down sanding, grinding, and priming doors needing attention. This step does not require doors open. After prepping all doors they will then go back to the top and paint all doors prepped. At this time the doors will need to be open for painting the entire door 100%. If not you will notice the edging of the door not painted when you open it. But, if you don't want door open let us know and you can paint the edging when you come to your unit.

The biggest news is that after consulting with our contractor and product specialists it was determined that considering the concrete floors need to be 50 degrees for product to set and cure properly winter is not the time to proceed with this portion of the project. We will finish everything but the floors over the next couple of weeks including corridor walls, and the doors, then they will come back in March when days are longer, and the sun hits the corridor floors for them to apply product at night after a day of warming. Therefore there will be notices for foot traffic to stop at 8 or 9 pm in order for contractors to work on floors. We will be informing through emails to owners, and rental agencies as we get closer to actual date. The hope is doing 2 floors per night, therefore weather permitting this should be over within two weeks. 

This is a large and worthwhile project for Atalaya, and we need and appreciate everyone's cooperation.

Thank you

Atalaya Towers Management

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