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Southside A/C deck

While the doors are being worked on, another worthwhile project is about to begin. The Southside a/c deck and platform are about to be expanded. Right now it's very difficult and dangerous for work to be performed on a/c units on it. With systems getting bigger the area needs expansion. The plan is on Monday February 1st we will have a crane to move a/c units to the ground after technicians confirm wiring details for when the units will be hooked back up. Then the expansion of the deck will not be slowed by working around units. This project without any major issues should only take about 2-3 days.

The affected units are 105,205,305,405,505,605,705,106,206,306,406,506,606,706. This is a good time of year for this project, because no air conditioning is required, everyone has auxiliary heat to use with air handler without outside unit being needed. There will be the need to get inside units to confirm wiring, so if you are renting your unit yourself please let your renters know. We will be contacting rental agencies to inform their guests in affected units.

There's always some project worthwhile doing at Atalaya.

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