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Post Hurricane IAN

Day after Hurricane IAN was very busy as expected. Our restoration team was here first thing in the morning assisting us cleaning up ground floor areas. Then went up into the building to visually and with moisture detectors to inspect each unit. Very fortunately only finding the normal, and minimal water intrusions. There no need to pull back carpeting in any unit. Just installed a few fans and dehumidifiers through the building. 

We sustained structural damage to our deck in a few areas which our contractor looked over. We lost access to the beach due to surge. Our plan is to have at least access to the beach by end of this week. Our removable indoor pool windows were removed and worked as planned, but we didn't expect such a surge that took out some of the older windows including door directly to beach that were not affected by Hurricane Mathew. IAN was worse, and yes our pools and spa were breached. We will have contractors here Monday morning to remove sand and debris from both parking lots as well as bringing a truck to empty pools for cleanup.  We have one elevator up and running as of Saturday evening. The police are not allowing any traffic on North Waccamaw until DOT has all the sand that was from surge removed.

There are an awful lot of moving parts involved in a major cleanup as this, and there will be a lot of contractors here over the next week including getting setup for waterproofing the east side and elevator remodel. That is the reason why we have decided it best to close the building to all except owners for this week. We have been in touch with all rental agencies with closing notices. This could have been a lot worse folks, and your staff, management company and Board are very much involved in cleanup restoration. Stay tuned to this sight for updates, because we're not sitting in the office waiting for your calls.

Thank you for your support and understanding

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