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Atalaya Towers 2022 Projects

Dear Owner: Below is a list of projects that will affect everyone at some point for 2022-2023.

1. This Spring ( weather directing ) our main parking lot at the building will be repaired/re-seal/restriped. All vehicles will have to use the parking lot across the street for a day or so. Walkways will be available for access to the building. Notices will be posted in advance with date of project week before project beginning,

2. The East side of the building including balconies, will be sealed starting fourth quarter 2022, and usually through winter of next year 2023. This project will require the removal of items/furniture from balconies.

3. The elevator project has been tentatively scheduled to begin October 1, 2022 and run as long as March 31, 2023. The following will effect all people entering or leaving the building.

  •  Only ONE (1) elevator will be operational for the six month period.
  • The running elevator will be operated or supervised by staff member.
  •  All contractors/owners MUST notify the office in advance of any major work being done in any unit as well as a plan on how the scope of work might effect flow of building, and coordinate the use of the elevator with staff, so as to not interfere with daily usage.
  •  Any deliveries of large items (furniture) must be scheduled through the office. Only North car can accommodate bulk items like sofa's, so those deliveries must be scheduled before or after the north car project is complete.

*******Failure to adhere to these guidelines can cause major inconveniences to people going in and out of the building.*******

There will be plenty of notices and updates as we move closer to these projects. Please check the website often for further information.

These projects are for the good life of Atalaya Towers.

 Thank you

 Atalaya Towers Management and Board of Directors

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