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Now that we are about to complete with Atalaya re-construction from Hurricane Ian our other projects are moving forward. Our waterproofing is about completed on the Eastside of the building. At the time of this update, they are on the six stack, and we appreciate everyone cooperating in the process with balcony furniture. In the meantime, we are reaching out to our Engineer to have him onsite to point out columns to open up for inspection of the supports of Atalaya. This could more than likely extend the noise in the building for a few months as well as have the indoor pool closed for a short time due to columns in that area.

The other project which is our elevator remodel has taken a bit of a step back with the proactive purchase of a new south car of which you have received a letter from the Board by now. For those of you that rent we have sent emails to all agencies to pass on to their potential quests of what they can expect through July. The Board and Management of Atalaya are truly working on how we can ease the inconvenience of one operating elevator through July as far as traffic goes. There is a lot to be done as far as cosmetic items around the building ground floor like stripping concrete and staining deck to improve the overall experience of our owners and guests.

Please bear with us as we handle the situations at hand the best we can to preserve and protect Atalaya Towers for years to come.   

Thank you from Board of Directors and Management.

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