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Tropical Storm Isaias Update 8-2-2020

Even though the storm has been down graded to Tropical Storm we are not letting up on protocols. This storm can still end up being a category 1 storm by the time it gets to the Grand Strand Monday night. By the end of the day today we plan to have gone through every unit bringing in furniture of the vacant units, and making contact with those occupied asking them if they need help bring in furniture, and leaving inside unit until storm passes Tuesday morning. We are posting updated maps during the day in elevators. Also we have hand outs for information to all guests. We will make contact with rental companies to see what units have not checked in yet to go to those units to move furniture.

We will more than likely shut down elevators by the end of the day tomorrow, and naturally let people know  with notices in elevators and announcements through out the day tomorrow. It is still forecasting 45-65 MPH winds with a rain fall of 4-6 inches. Fortunately if it maintains its movement speed it will be here when the tide is low, therefore not being a double threat. Track storm and local for actual map updates numerous times per day.

Unless things change drastically next post will be tomorrow afternoon.

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