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Hurricane ISAIS

Hurricane ISAIS is scheduled to knock on our side door this coming Monday. We here at Atalaya have had an organizational meeting to coordinate the pulling of furniture from all balconies. we are targeting vacant units today as well as knocking on doors of full-time owners, Our intent is to take care of all furniture by end of day Saturday leaving Sunday to take care of appropriate items knowing the track for the last 24 hours.

We have been in contact with our contractors that remove our indoor pool windows, as well as FSA for any post storm inspection needs. Everything being done is being done with COVID-19 protocols being observed. It appears that Monday when this is scheduled to be in our area we will also be having a high tide during the hours. We must remember that any 50 mile jog to the west or east could drastically effect us even though being a category 1 storm. It does not need to make landfall to effect us. Please visit as well as for local and national updates.

As of the end of today 7-31-2020 we have approximately 50% of the balconies cleared of vacant units, and we will be on track for tomorrow and Sunday so far. Any units coming in we will ask them to leave furniture in until after Monday or only take out what they can bring back in. We have 80 units with limited personnel, so we need to begin these protocols sooner than later.

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