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Covid/Hurricane Update


I hope everyone still continues to stay safe and is doing well during these difficult times.

If you have been watching and/or reading information on SC, local businesses continue to open. The occupancy rate at Atalaya continues to grow with more vacationers visiting.  Management continues to disinfect all common areas. The indoor pool and spa opened up before the Memorial weekend and the outdoor pool opened Saturday the 30th. Signs have been posted throughout the common areas including the pools reminding people to social distance if they are not within the same family.

We have had two named storms come through the Grand Strand and hurricane season is upon us. Staff are reviewing protocols for the hurricane season to be prepared. Owners have provided Management with keys to their entry doors. It is highly recommended if you have not done so, to provide management with a key to your owners closet. In the event a hurricane hits, building management contracts with FSA to come into the building and go unit to unit inspecting for water intrusion and remediating as needed. If management does not have a key to your units owner closet, it cannot be inspected thoroughly by FSA. Once FSA leaves the building it will then become the owners responsibility for any water intrusion (mildew/mold) that has caused damage within their individual units closet.

Please keep in mind, if your unit experiences major water intrusion which leaks to the unit below yours and management was not provided with a key you may be held liable.

Thank you and stay safe.

Nancy Conroy, President

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