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Corona Virus Update

Hi, I hope everyone and their families are healthy and unaffected by the Covid 19.

Governor McMaster of South Carolina issued an executive order on March 27, 2020. The order is a mandatory quarantine for visitors coming to South Carolina from hot spots. There will be a $1000 fine and up to 30 days in jail penalty for violators.

To keep up-to-date on developing information and more on the Executive Order issued from the Governor, visit or Both sites are a very good resource for Government issued information and/or local news on closings and the latest numbers in and around Atalaya Towers.

During this unsettling time, management has no intentions of reducing anyones work schedule. Staff are utilizing this slow time to complete projects that have been slowed due to weather. Atalaya staff are and will continue the daily sanitary cleaning of the common areas of the building multiple times a day.

Horry County has also issued a proclamation restricting rentals and entertainment during this crises. To read the proclamation in its entirety, visit the Horry County site listed above.  Pertinent parts of this proclamation are listed below: 

NOW, THEREFORE, by the power and authority granted to the Horry County Council by the Constitution of the State of South Carolina and the powers granted to the County by the General Assembly of the State, the following hereby is ordained and enacted:
1. PROHIBITION. All accommodations businesses in the unincorporated area of Horry County, including hotels, motels, condo hotels, rental properties, inclusive of private management companies and HOA’s, Airbnb, VRBO style lodging, public and private campgrounds and other overnight accommodations for 29 days or less, shall not accept new reservations for any period of time from 11:00 a.m., Saturday March 28, 2020 through April 30, 2020 (such time limit is subject to further modification).
Existing reservations made for a period beginning Friday, March 27, 2020 through April 30, 2020 will be rescheduled or canceled. Visitors currently checked in may remain until the end of their existing reservations, but such reservations shall not be extended.
Those units consistently occupied since March 1 are exempt, but rental occupancy may not be increased by others, including friends or family members. Also exempted are short-term rentals extended to Government, Hospital, Health Agency, Law Enforcement, Military and other Critical Personnel actively responding to the COVID-19 emergency.
All amusements designed to attract and accommodate visitors, are hereby ordered to close effective Friday, March 27, 2020, including but not limited to:
Movie and live performance theaters. Miniature golf (not golf courses). Moped, and golf cart rental operations. Amusement parks and arcades.
Any violation of this Emergency Ordinance shall be punishable as provided in Sec. 1-8 Horry County Code of Ordinances and may result in business license revocation.
2. TERMINATION/EXPIRATION. This Ordinance will remain in effect for sixty (60) days unless sooner terminated by Resolution of County Council.
3. SEVERABILITY. If any Section, Subsection, or part of this Ordinance shall be deemed or found to conflict with a provision of South Carolina law, or other pre-emptive legal principle, then that Section, Sub-section or part of this Ordinance shall be deemed ineffective, but the remaining parts of this Ordinance shall remain in full force and effect.
4. CONFLICT WITH PRECEDING ORDINANCES. If a Section, Sub-section or provision of this Ordinance shall conflict with the provisions of a Section, Sub-section or part of a preceding Ordinance of Horry County, unless expressly so providing, then the preceding Section, Sub-section or part shall be deemed repealed and no longer in effect.
6. EFFECTIVE DATE. This Ordinance shall become effective immediately.

Stay safe everyone,

Nancy Conroy, President

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