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Dorian 9-4-2019

Yesterday we continued to move items off the ground floor and into a safe unit out of harms way. We met with FSA for a strategy meeting for the post storm inspections, and their plan is to be here as soon as winds die down on Friday. We also had our waterproofing company drop off beams and weights on the roof while the elevators were still running in the event that when we turn elevators back on they don't respond we will have the swing stage brought in to get FSA equipment up into the building. Jason and I made one last walk through each unit to make sure nothing was forgotten to turn off. It has been recommended by FSA to keep a/c units set at 73 degrees, because in the event of water intrusion the air movement from the a/c units will help prevent mold growth. We topped of our generator with fuel, and have extra on hand in the event of an extended power outage. Our generators fuel consumption is 1 gallon per hour, and we have 50 gallons. We will have our storefront windows at the indoor pool area removed today as well as two panels in the awning area. The idea is to let water in and out into the parking lot and our new drainage system.

Debbie will be operating office operations from her house inland, because the office is closed and we don't know if we'll even have an office after the storm. None is 100% sure yet of the actual track. If Dorian takes a tiny jog to the west it would be worst that Mathew due to high tides coordinating with the storm surge so PLEASE we beg that everyone stay away until after the storm. Let's not forget we are still under mandatory evacuation, and you may not be able to get in anyhow.

WPDE local news stations will have live coverage from Atalaya so link to if you want to see coverage, and you can view some of the property as they cover the storm. As long as we have power and internet these posts will continue.

As of 5pm yesterday we are locked down meaning elevators are locked down at the top of the building and will not be operated until post storm after inspections.  

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