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Update on Elevator Repairs/ Beach Re-Nourishment

The work on the elevators is going so well that we decided to move to the North car next. The plan will be the same, and usually by mid to late afternoon the technicians have been releasing the car they have been working on that day to monitor the operation. It's a good opportunity to have work completed before the bulk of owners and guests start coming after schools let out. We anticipate everything to be completed before June 15th.

Also we have heard from County Beach Patrol that the beach re-nourishment is scheduled to be in Garden City / Murrells Inlet, which includes Atalaya Towers the second half of June. Prepare for large pipes and directed walking for a couple of days in front of Atalaya. We need this for upcoming hurricane season, because we can't afford loosing any beach. Beside having a fresh beach it's usually a great time for shell and shark teeth findings.

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