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Submitted by atalaya on Thu, 12/20/2018 - 18:35

Our drainage project for the most part is complete. All building drain lines are connected to the storm water system at the street. We have made a bit of a change order with the water catch basins design at the building. This change is not costing any more money it's giving more area to absorb water. These drain systems are on order and hopefully will arrive and we will be complete by year-end. The paving and re-sealing may need to be pushed until spring due to weather.

The water proofing is at the balcony floor stage of the 4-5 drop. This is the point that furniture will need to be inside in order to get full coverage. Therefore, restricted balcony use. The railings will be wrapped, and the idea is to only have railings covered until they pass by with the second coat on the face of building.

Our proactive bed bug treatment went well with no findings, and that is a good thing. We accomplished in the two days all units as well as monthly pest control at the same time.

We may be seeing the beach re-nourishment moving to our neighborhood by the beginning of the year. Will keep posted on the schedule.

From everyone on Staff at Atalaya Towers we want to wish everyone a safe, and Merry Christmas

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