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Post Storm Day 2


Yesterday we got through vacant units and made an all call on our intercom system for anyone one occupying a unit that received water intrusion. We also called our off property rental agencies to reach out to their guest in the building as well in case people were not in units when we made the announcement. By the end of the day we had no reports of any issues. We will continue to go through units over the next couple of days. This was a challenging storm due to the fact that there was no evacuation, so people were still in the building, so it slows the process of post inspection. All in all we feel that the rain we received was not wind driven therefore water was not forced through doorways. If anything does arise the unit owners will be contacted. We do appreciate the owners that left us keys to their owners closets, so we could inspect those as well.

Post Storm Preliminary


This morning after a walk about the building ground level Atalaya did well. Little water through sandbags of some exterior doors like vending area along with some sand on the deck. we lost a bit of sand at our rocks. Our elevators that we had shut down on the 16th floor came back up as scheduled. No visible damage at all. This morning we will be going through units for any issues. We really feel that we got lucky.

Report on units will be posted by the end of today.

8-3-2020 Storm Update


As of the end of day 8-3-2020 we have protected luggage carts, and sand bagged entry doors to the resort. we have staff scheduled for tonight to be available for emergencies. The storm has taken and NE track away from us a bit. We will still have 60 MPH winds with 70 MPH gusts. We are still scheduled to shut down elevators tonight, and we did post the shut downs well as get up with rental agencies to let them know of protocols. We have let Fire Marshall know of the scheduled shut down. After post storm inspection we will post results. If there is any damage that requires immediate notification to owner we will notify ASAP.

Tropical Storm Isaias Update 8-2-2020


Even though the storm has been down graded to Tropical Storm we are not letting up on protocols. This storm can still end up being a category 1 storm by the time it gets to the Grand Strand Monday night. By the end of the day today we plan to have gone through every unit bringing in furniture of the vacant units, and making contact with those occupied asking them if they need help bring in furniture, and leaving inside unit until storm passes Tuesday morning. We are posting updated maps during the day in elevators. Also we have hand outs for information to all guests. We will make contact with rental companies to see what units have not checked in yet to go to those units to move furniture.

We will more than likely shut down elevators by the end of the day tomorrow, and naturally let people know  with notices in elevators and announcements through out the day tomorrow. It is still forecasting 45-65 MPH winds with a rain fall of 4-6 inches. Fortunately if it maintains its movement speed it will be here when the tide is low, therefore not being a double threat. Track storm and local for actual map updates numerous times per day.

Unless things change drastically next post will be tomorrow afternoon.

Hurricane ISAIS


Hurricane ISAIS is scheduled to knock on our side door this coming Monday. We here at Atalaya have had an organizational meeting to coordinate the pulling of furniture from all balconies. we are targeting vacant units today as well as knocking on doors of full-time owners, Our intent is to take care of all furniture by end of day Saturday leaving Sunday to take care of appropriate items knowing the track for the last 24 hours.

We have been in contact with our contractors that remove our indoor pool windows, as well as FSA for any post storm inspection needs. Everything being done is being done with COVID-19 protocols being observed. It appears that Monday when this is scheduled to be in our area we will also be having a high tide during the hours. We must remember that any 50 mile jog to the west or east could drastically effect us even though being a category 1 storm. It does not need to make landfall to effect us. Please visit as well as for local and national updates.

As of the end of today 7-31-2020 we have approximately 50% of the balconies cleared of vacant units, and we will be on track for tomorrow and Sunday so far. Any units coming in we will ask them to leave furniture in until after Monday or only take out what they can bring back in. We have 80 units with limited personnel, so we need to begin these protocols sooner than later.