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Westside Waterproofing Update


Our waterproofing project is moving along nicely. The contractors have moved to the section over awning, so naturally we have routed foot traffic through the indoor pool door during the day, and arranged parking lot three rows back to avoid splashing of water, as well as paint. This is where the process takes a bit of time due to areas of the building that are identified as needing to be chipped away, treated, then concrete re-applied for painting. We are trying an additive to the paint this year that could help with the staining from water running down the building from corridors. Weather permitting this section should be completed by the end of next week December 12th.

Thanks for the understanding, and cooperation,

Atalaya Towers Management

Water Proofing Paint Phase


We will begin painting the North Tower painting tomorrow 11/16, and as stated this project is operated by weather permitting conditions. The weather forecast this week allows us to do so, therefore short notice. In order to protect vehicles from any possible paint droplets we will be clearing the front of the building parking spaces starting with the handicap spaces, and moving them to the third row from the building towards the street. If weather allows it may be that this is the parking arrangement until the entire front of the building is complete. when weather like wind becomes a safety issue for crews the work goes to the corridors, but unless it's raining where concrete cannot be applied there will always be work being performed. The project will continue moving forward.

Thank you for your understanding, and cooperation

Atalaya Towers Management

Water Proofing 2nd Phase


Our next phase of waterproofing will begin today. After the crew identifies any caulking needs on the North Tower, and if not to windy they will be painting the metal roof on that tower. If it is to windy they will start on the top floor identifying areas that need to be grinded and treated before painting so problem areas do not created bigger issues. This phase could easily go through all of next week weather permitted. This is an important step in protecting the integrity of the building. It could be noisy, and the crews have been instructed that no grinding noise is to be occurring before 9am.

Westside Waterproofing Project


We will begin our Westside waterproofing project the 1st week of November. They will begin to bring in swing stages, and at times the front parking spaces may be blocked off for your cars protection. There will be pressure washing of the entire building on that side. So, please be aware of postings in the elevators for scheduling for the effected floors at a time. There may be grinding due to concrete repair if needed. They will be doing such work around some corridor windows, and door casings and always be aware of wet paint. Weather permitting this project should take 6-8 weeks. Please advise your rental companies as to this project for any upcoming reservations through this time period. Water proofing is a vital preventive maintenance of the building, so we are protecting your investment.

Post Storm Day 2


Yesterday we got through vacant units and made an all call on our intercom system for anyone one occupying a unit that received water intrusion. We also called our off property rental agencies to reach out to their guest in the building as well in case people were not in units when we made the announcement. By the end of the day we had no reports of any issues. We will continue to go through units over the next couple of days. This was a challenging storm due to the fact that there was no evacuation, so people were still in the building, so it slows the process of post inspection. All in all we feel that the rain we received was not wind driven therefore water was not forced through doorways. If anything does arise the unit owners will be contacted. We do appreciate the owners that left us keys to their owners closets, so we could inspect those as well.